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Medical Device Sterilization Transport Automation

The Issue

IFA is working with the EPA on the automation portion of Engineering Controls in Commercial Sterilization Facilities. Our goal is to reduce employee exposure to Ethylene Oxide while increasing company revenue using automation.

The Solution:

Innovation for Automation is pioneering the automation of medical device transportation within sterilization facilities throughout the United States.

IFA automates pallet movement for the pre-conditioning, sterilization, and aeration phases using automated guided vehicles, conveyors, and transfer systems.

Alex Bethke
Director of Sales North America

Empowering Health Through Automated Sterilization Logistics

Design: We design our automation system to integrate with existing sterilization facilities operations

Build: Our team of engineers in Grand Rapids, MI builds our automated guided vehicles, conveyors, and transfer systems using off the shelf components to insure reliability, availability and ease of integration

Install: Our install teams work with sterilization facilities on pre-installing planning, site preparation, installation, integration, calibration, and compliance

Support: Our relationships with Morrison Industrial Equipment, Triad Services, Big Joe Forklifts, Rockwell Automation, BlueBotics and Wiferion allow us to fully support the automation systems on a 24/7 basis


New EPA Ethylene Oxide Standards

EPA Hazardous Air Pollutants

Medical Device Manufacturers Association June 26, 2023 report to the EPA

Advanced Medical Technology Association June 27, 2023 report to the EPA