Innovation for Automation
 Design, install and support of automated systems to quickly move items between points of storage, assembly, processing and shipping
About Innovation for Automation
 A company of engineers and support staff creating automation solutions
AGVS - Automated Guided Vehicles
 Computer controlled; Server based, Innovation for Automations automated guided vehicles are load carriers that do not require an operator. Using natural navigation and sensor guidance systems, our AGVs are able to move from station to station throughout y
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 News and information to help you understand the ever-changing world of automation
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 Make your work count, delivering automated, efficient systems for the material handling industry
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Conveyer Systems
 Innovation for Automation offers an array of custom conveyor solutions from food grade conveyance to AGV conveyance including belting, printing, stacking, sorting, and others.
Data Collection
 Using digital machine data to help your business be more efficient. With custom created workstations, the information will be at your fingertips at all times. IFA offers: Go Live Support Data Collection> SCADA Enterprise Integration
 Training Documentation Safety Inspections On-site Repairs 24/7 around the clock service Off the shelf spare parts
People at IFA
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 Existing automated guided carts can undergo a process of rejuvenation and modernization through the strategic incorporation of readily available components. This approach is tailored to provide proprietors with a cost-effective solution to infuse new tech
Robotics and Robotic Integration
 IFA experts are highly experienced in developing and integrating solutions to satisfy our customers needs, with streamlined and efficient processes, we will bring your ideas to life
Services provided by IFA
 Plant and Shop Floor Automation worklflows with conveyers, transfer mechanisms, and automatic guided vehicles and support systems.
Medical Device Sterilization Automation
 Medical device transportation in sterilization facilities via automated pallet movement for pre-conditioning, sterilization, and aeration phases using agvs, conveyors, and transfer systems
 Autonomous Navigation, Wireless Charging, SCADA, Pallet Detection