Autonomous Navigation Technology


Innovation for Automations go to for Navigation Technology. With 22 years of Natural Navigation Technology, Bluebotics is leading the way. With over 4,500 ANT driven vehicles in operation and over 1,000 End-User Installations, Bluebotics is paving the way for vehicle navigation. Bluebotics has 6 different navigation technologies, highlighted by “ANT Natural Feature Navigation”, IFAs preferred technology. “ANT Natural Feature Navigation uses features measured with a laser scanner to identify – and thereafter match – structures in the environment. The environment is scanned once, the system then recognizes a small number of permanent features within that environment during every future mission. The paths followed are virtual that environment during every future mission. The paths followed are virtual.” This allows for IFA to install and modify quickly and easily, allows for 0 infrastructure change and advanced fleet management. This technology allows for ±1 cm of accuracy.

Magnetic Tape

Made of soft magnetic material, topped by synthetic rubber, magnetic tape is another navigation option that IFA provides. Magnetic tape is used to guarantee a safe and precises operation. This guarantees to be as exact as ±5 mm, in any scenario. Any changes to the navigation can be easily modified and adjusted.

Industrial Wireless Charging & Power


Contact wireless charging. IFA uses Wiferion as their main charging provider. Wiferion charging is able to charge an entire fleet without having to depend on voltage, current, and battery type. Wiferion offers opportunity charging, this is key for Autonomous Vehicles. Using opportunity charging, IFA guarantees vehicles will be operating at all times. Up-time is of the utmost importance, and we have partnered with Wiferion to ensure just that.

Central Control Systems/SCADA

Ignition by Inductive Automation

Released in 2003, Ignition facilitates seamless data aggregation while providing intuitive tools for the effortless creation of a diverse range of industrial applications. Furthermore, it enables prompt web deployment of clients to a global audience, regardless of location. The Ignition platform consists of three main components: the Ignition Gateway, the Designer, and Runtime Clients. Separate modules within these components offer various functionalities. Ignition SCADA modules include Real-Time Status Control, Alarming, Reporting, Data Acquisition, Scripting, Scheduling, MES, and Mobile support.

Pallet Detection

Pallet Detection

Pallet Detection System is a software solution for faster, fully automatic detection of all standard pallet types with two pockets in six degrees of freedom. Pallet position detection is quick and accurate to reduce cycle time. The PDS has a direct correlation with our autonomous vehicles in allowing them to be more efficient.