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Innovation for Automation

About us

Innovation for Automation is a one stop shop for all your automation needs. Whether it is in house support, data collection, AGVs, or custom system solutions, IFA uses components that are off the shelf to provide our customers with the quickest and most efficient solutions. IFA is committed to meet any specific and unique needs that our customers have all while maintaining safety and standard requirements.

The Morrison Family story – Our partnership

Morrison began partnering with us in 2023 to support the growing need for automated material handling equipment design and support.

Morrison Industries is a multi-state company with a broad reach of companies, and more than 70 years of experience in material handling, commercial and industrial support. Morrison is a dealer for many AGV products by leading manufacters in automation, like Jungheinrich, Rocla, and Big Joe, and offers trained technicians and support, and machine sales and networks that span the midwest.

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